Client Collaboration

Windermere offers a great tool, called myWindermere, for you to customize your home search and for me to collaborate with my clients in searching for homes. Signing up for a myWindermere account allows you to:

Conduct searches in the Windermere listings database and save those searches for later.

Set up each search as an RSS feed.
An RSS feed constantly updates and displays the results of your search much like a stock ticker, so you can see new listings the moment they come up without having to run your search again. More info about RSS feeds and how to set them up can be found in the My Searches section of myWindermere.

Mark any property you particularly like as a "favorite."
I can view the listings you have chosen as favorites and make comments on your choices. If you write a comment when you save a favorite, that listing and comment are automatically emailed to me.

Register for a myWindermere account here »

After you are registered, go to "My Agent" and enter my name so that we can use the collaboration tools together.